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Foundation For A Better Life House

Foundation House is designed primarily to provide men with transitional housing, with an emphasis on spiritual, physical, emotional, and cognitive growth. This program prepares men for employment and living a productive lifestyle and gets them jobs. Program staff recognize that clients need an environment that is conducive for learning, training, and preparing to become productive, responsible, and law abiding citizens.

Foundation For A Better Life House

This program provides:
- Structured alcohol and drug free living environment
- Assistance with GED preparation
- Job search and training
- Planned assistance with vocational rehabilitation services
- Religious services and spiritual activities
- Financial planning and debt management
- Discharge planning for permanent housing as appropriate
- Resume writing and interviewing skills
- Computer applications (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
- Job Placement

Next Steps

Call 510 - 686 - 0858 to schedule an appointment.



This program helps people who are 18+.




Reduced Cost

Coverage Area: 

This program covers residents of the following counties: Alameda County, CA, and beyond.


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510 - 686 - 0858 

484 Phelps Streat Oakland CA 94603

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